Life (After Cancer)

It’s like your old life–but completely different.

Episode 2: Moving Right Along?

Jenna brings Annie, her first cancer friend, back to talk about the somewhat (ok, very) fluid dividing line between cancer and after cancer. What does it take to move past feeling like a patient? Mountain climbing? Or quieter pursuits? Also: Annie tells her one and only joke. 




Episode 1: A Hair-Raising Chat

In the first episode, Jenna hangs out with her first cancer friend and talks about hair issues and other random stuff. Where else can you get hairless cats, testicles, knitting, and the occasional bit of salty language all in one place? (The episode is also Jenna's first go at editing audio so ... be gentle people. She had cancer, you know. Too much cancer card? OK, rescinded.)



Life (After Cancer) — Trailer

Did you have cancer? Then this is the podcast for you. Seriously. Because post-cancer life can be hard. Damn hard. At times. Right? And nobody wants to hear about it from you anymore, right? OK, maybe a few people do. But do they get what you're going through? We do. You've met your people. And we're ready to talk. This is Life (After Cancer).