Episode 3: The Long View

Jenna talks to writer Ruth Pennebaker, who was diagnosed with cancer 22 years ago. The two met a decade or so ago in NYC. At the time, of course, Jenna had no idea that they would, one day, have cancer in common. Ruth talks about the ways survivorship changes over time, whether cancer changes you forever, the good and incredibly bad of counting other survivors as some of your closest friends, and badass survivor behavior.


But, first, a mild warning: there's a clicking noise on the tape. It's not super loud but it's there. I'm still working on getting rid of it and will upload a new version of the recording if I figure out the how-tos of de-clicking. Sorry about that. A mild slide down the learning curve of podcasting. Sigh. (Technology!)


Episode music: Please Listen Carefully by Jahzzar

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