On this episode, Jenna talks to Stacie Chevrier, who has been dealing with (and this is putting it very midly) a really shitty kind of cancer: neuroendocrine tumors (aka carcinoid tumors). Basically, there's no cure. There can be long periods of hanging out with NED (no evidence of disease) but the damn stuff usually comes back. Stacie, a Nashville-based freelance writer, has taken long walks (500 mile long) and gone upside-down over yoga since her diagnosis. (She also lost her beloved dog while dealing with all this crapola, but there's good news via Twitter--there's a new puppy in her life.)   

As of this episode, Life (After Cancer) is expanding. From here on in, anybody dealing with cancer should consider Life (After Cancer) their hangout. This isn't just about survivorship. It's about all of it--from the day of diagnosis onward. Got chronic cancer? We're here for you. Though cancer is really a million different diseases, there's no reason we shouldn't all hang out together. We all need to hang with people who get what we're going through, right? So, there you have it. 


Show notes:

Read Stacie Chevrier's blog.

Follow Stacie on Twitter.

For more information about neuroendecrine tumor, visit... 

Neuroendecrine Tumor Research Foundation

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation


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